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Interview with Silas 

I wonder …..what my future career will be. I think it will be a whole mix of things with adventure and experiences.

I know how to… iron clothes. I ironed clothes for a party with mom.

I just learned facts about… tamarac. There are thirty types and they look like mice and they mostly live in Tasmania.

It bothers me when… the girls kick me out of their room.

It really excites me when…we travel, like going to Hat Yai next week!!! I can’t wait to snorkel!

My favorite thing about summer break is… books and relaxation. So far I’ve read 14 books! I also like watching MLB (go Orioles).

If I could choose a time in the past to live…I would choose 1900s when there was more nature.

My favorite TV shows are…Wild Kratts and Amazing Race.

My favorite games are… Sorry, Uno, and Guesstures. My favorite app is Goat Simulator Payday 🐐

South Asian travels

Late last month I (Tom) went with Dan to the South Asian country where we have a team of workers. Despite not being all that far from Thailand it is a very different place! Religion, food, driving etiquette, etc. This was only my second time there but it was very encouraging to reunite with old friends and meet a lot of new people as well. As Dan moves back to America I’ll be taking on more of the administrative responsibility for this work. It’s intimidating since I don’t know the language and am only beginning to gain a slight understanding of how complex the social structure is. But we are relating to a great team of local workers who have years of experience and a strong vision. They  are from a traditionally Christian tribal group but are making disciples among several of the other large people groups.

We spent most of our time together talking, studying the Bible and praying. There were several larger gatherings and I got to meet some of the newer brothers and sisters.

Here are a few pictures..,

Typical bus showing the scars of battling the crazy traffic.

Gracious hosts for our hours of meetings (and eating!)Rickshaw ride.Kids from a low-caste group.

Old trains at sunset.Typical street scene.Delicious breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the food but had to get used to eating huge quantities of rice and curry with my fingers.Unexpected headdresses and fake snow attack during a very touching ceremony thanking Dan for his impact.

Silas, age 8






A picture from the car window although I wish it was nature!

looking out the side of a speedy Took took. We saw some wild Boars!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy B day mom!!!!

Ina harness having a dream of a life time,  ADVENTURE!!!!!





Trip to Mae Sot

Last month dad and I (Claire) took a long weekend trip to Mae Sot to visit Dan. It was a really neat trip, I enjoyed getting to see more of Mae Sot and being shown around by Dan.

I got out of school early on a Thursday and we went straight to the airport. 

  • On Friday we went to two different markets and got to visit Dan’s house and his flower shop.On Saturday we drove out of the town and visited some coffee shops, three different waterfalls and a rose garden.  For super we went out again and ate at a deliscious fish restaurant and saw a beautiful sunset.And on Sunday we took the long bus ride back to Bangkok. It was a fun trip and a good experience!

Little Things: May

The past month felt a little crazy with Tom’s trips to Mae Sot and Bangladesh, two birthdays, Reach debriefing and goodbyes, and end of year school stuff in addition to normal team and teaching. Here are some little things so we can remember…

Some people said Eliza looks like Belle. The girls and I had a great time watching Beauty and the Beast with the team women.

Si is into fidget spinners.

Eliza got a new dress with birthday money from Rhodes grandparents. 

Si and I went to immigration for one long morning. Now our whole family has visas for  the year! Thank you, God! And Thai government!

Claire and her friend Atsu performed with the 8th grade choir. Cutest dance to Footloose.

Reacher Lacy painted us the cutest family tree I commissioned. I love it so much! Also, learned that Lacy and Kara will both return as our team leaders next year! Yay! It’s so great to have experienced leaders.

Tom and I snuck away for our last date with Reach babysitters. Claire will be our babysitter starting this summer. We’ve tried it a few times now and it’s gone great!

Neighbors pretty chilis dryingEliza made lots of slime 

Our lotus bloomed again.

Ju came for dinner and a sleepover to celebrate the end of her old job and start of her new teaching job!

The rainy season started and we have been getting daily downpours! Our kitchen still floods but we bought a wet vac which is helping a lot with puddle cleanup. 

Bye Friends!

Our Reach teams headed home a few weeks ago. There six months here seemed to fly by! They were both great teams with awesome attitudes. They did a lot of stretching teaching elementary students and supported other ministries with volunteer work. They were also a huge support and encouragement to our long term team and we especially appreciated the childcare and worship leading. So great to get some date nights and to have them invest in our kids. 

To Buriram

I got to do a fun, last minute trip to Buriram in Isaan with my student friend Thom a few weeks ago. She was a little worried to make the overnight bus trip alone so I went along. We got to her parents house at 3 AM so we met and then they tucked three of  us into one giant bed under a mosquito net and we slept like logs until we woke up at 8. Her mom made us an amazing breakfast of fresh coconut water, straight off the tree in their yard, whole tiny fried fish, omlettes and rice, juicy mango and an eggs and fish dish steamed in a banana leaf. It was so good to meet them and explore the beautiful garden. It’s so good to see how they are growing in their faith and becoming connected to a church. There are no other believers in their area, so it’s very exciting as more and more of the extended family are showing interest. After our visit, we were able to send a Thai audio Bible. We hopped back in the bus that afternoon and came straight back to Bangkok. Great to connect with Thom’s family, enjoy fresh air and food made with mom love, and to have lots of time to chat with Thom. Glad for this unexpected opportunity!

Freeze Museum

Si was part of a really cool freeze museum this morning with the whole third grade. Each student represented a historical figure and they  lined up for “a walk through history.” They did an amazing job! Si chose to be Jacques Cousteau, the ocean explorer, for obvious reasons! Animals, exploring, adventure! Here’s Jacques and a couple other amazing people from history!

Jacques and Julia (Child)

Benjamin Franklin

Queen Elizabeth

Si’s friend Toto was Van Gogh, missing ear and all

Neil ArmstrongSteve Irwin (actual Autrailian)


Princess Diana 

Celebrating Tom!

We are the luckiest wife and kids and we know it! We had fun celebrating Tom this week in the middle of a lot of chaos as our Reach teams finished up their time in Bangkok. Happy birthday, babe! You are so patient with math homework and my IT issues and paper jams, do huge piles of laundry, serve our Thai and Lao friends and our team so well, mop kitchen floods, take the kids to school every morning and a ton of other things. You make us so happy! We love you! ❤️ 

After REACH debriefing, we snuck away for a birthday lunch. Tom was pretty happy with his giant burger and freakshake…

At the Reach goodbye party that night, we had chocolate pb cake and lots of team mates gave him 42 things…pens, pencils, shells, mouthwash…

The next night we had a little family party. Balsamic chicken and kale, presents, and cheesecake. Our collective favorite gift is his new Echo Dot. We’re having fun having Alexa play music and weather forecasts and play 20 questions with us. 

Little things: Spring 

Some small things from the past month or two that we’d like to remember…

Some team friend dinners… ceviche with Jonathan and Anna (+Black 23 with two decks) and a patio picnic with the Angie and Karly and Jacob and two cuties.

Swimming at the Parkland pool helped a lot with hot season blues. Thank you Grandaddy and Grandmom!!!

A special Korean lunch with students and friends.

Si and Sam on a field trip to the wax museum. The girls both enjoyed a trip to the skating rink as a reward from school and also on SALT trips, which hopefully they will post about soon!

Si doing homework a bird on his head. Represents our bird love and many afternoons filled with heat and homework.

Ramen at a cute new place near us. We need to get used to lunch dates again now that the Reachers are leaving!

Claire made this beautiful pottery mug in art class!

Si came up with this explorer outfit. 😊
Ju came for another sleepover and we made soft pretzels.

We played with these lovable guys a lot and our lotus finally bloomed. It was spectacular for two days and then all the petals fell.

Si got to meet Benson from Kenya! This was especially cool because he is studying the Maasai tribe in school and Benson is from a similar tribe. Tom and I were a little awed to have him at our house too after hearing his amazing church planting story many years ago. Fun to introduce the kids to a real life hero! We also enjoyed the time with Ernesto from our Reach days in Ecuador (both here in Thailand for a Global Disciples Conference).

The kids received a sweet scrapbook of memories from our Reach team.

The Littles and I enjoyed a restful weekend while Tom and Claire traveled to Mae Sot to visit Dan.

Travelogue coming soon!

We are thankful for the first two rains of the rainy season and hope for the end of blistering heat before long!