Interview with Silas 

I wonder …..what my future career will be. I think it will be a whole mix of things with adventure and experiences.

I know how to… iron clothes. I ironed clothes for a party with mom.

I just learned facts about… tamarac. There are thirty types and they look like mice and they mostly live in Tasmania.

It bothers me when… the girls kick me out of their room.

It really excites me when…we travel, like going to Hat Yai next week!!! I can’t wait to snorkel!

My favorite thing about summer break is… books and relaxation. So far I’ve read 14 books! I also like watching MLB (go Orioles).

If I could choose a time in the past to live…I would choose 1900s when there was more nature.

My favorite TV shows are…Wild Kratts and Amazing Race.

My favorite games are… Sorry, Uno, and Guesstures. My favorite app is Goat Simulator Payday 🐐


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