South Asian travels

Late last month I (Tom) went with Dan to the South Asian country where we have a team of workers. Despite not being all that far from Thailand it is a very different place! Religion, food, driving etiquette, etc. This was only my second time there but it was very encouraging to reunite with old friends and meet a lot of new people as well. As Dan moves back to America I’ll be taking on more of the administrative responsibility for this work. It’s intimidating since I don’t know the language and am only beginning to gain a slight understanding of how complex the social structure is. But we are relating to a great team of local workers who have years of experience and a strong vision. They  are from a traditionally Christian tribal group but are making disciples among several of the other large people groups.

We spent most of our time together talking, studying the Bible and praying. There were several larger gatherings and I got to meet some of the newer brothers and sisters.

Here are a few pictures..,

Typical bus showing the scars of battling the crazy traffic.

Gracious hosts for our hours of meetings (and eating!)Rickshaw ride.Kids from a low-caste group.

Old trains at sunset.Typical street scene.Delicious breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the food but had to get used to eating huge quantities of rice and curry with my fingers.Unexpected headdresses and fake snow attack during a very touching ceremony thanking Dan for his impact.


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  1. Brittany Troyer says:

    Fake snow attack??

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