To Buriram

I got to do a fun, last minute trip to Buriram in Isaan with my student friend Thom a few weeks ago. She was a little worried to make the overnight bus trip alone so I went along. We got to her parents house at 3 AM so we met and then they tucked three of  us into one giant bed under a mosquito net and we slept like logs until we woke up at 8. Her mom made us an amazing breakfast of fresh coconut water, straight off the tree in their yard, whole tiny fried fish, omlettes and rice, juicy mango and an eggs and fish dish steamed in a banana leaf. It was so good to meet them and explore the beautiful garden. It’s so good to see how they are growing in their faith and becoming connected to a church. There are no other believers in their area, so it’s very exciting as more and more of the extended family are showing interest. After our visit, we were able to send a Thai audio Bible. We hopped back in the bus that afternoon and came straight back to Bangkok. Great to connect with Thom’s family, enjoy fresh air and food made with mom love, and to have lots of time to chat with Thom. Glad for this unexpected opportunity!


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