Little Things: May

The past month felt a little crazy with Tom’s trips to Mae Sot and Bangladesh, two birthdays, Reach debriefing and goodbyes, and end of year school stuff in addition to normal team and teaching. Here are some little things so we can remember…

Some people said Eliza looks like Belle. The girls and I had a great time watching Beauty and the Beast with the team women.

Si is into fidget spinners.

Eliza got a new dress with birthday money from Rhodes grandparents. 

Si and I went to immigration for one long morning. Now our whole family has visas for  the year! Thank you, God! And Thai government!

Claire and her friend Atsu performed with the 8th grade choir. Cutest dance to Footloose.

Reacher Lacy painted us the cutest family tree I commissioned. I love it so much! Also, learned that Lacy and Kara will both return as our team leaders next year! Yay! It’s so great to have experienced leaders.

Tom and I snuck away for our last date with Reach babysitters. Claire will be our babysitter starting this summer. We’ve tried it a few times now and it’s gone great!

Neighbors pretty chilis dryingEliza made lots of slime 

Our lotus bloomed again.

Ju came for dinner and a sleepover to celebrate the end of her old job and start of her new teaching job!

The rainy season started and we have been getting daily downpours! Our kitchen still floods but we bought a wet vac which is helping a lot with puddle cleanup. 


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