Celebrating Tom!

We are the luckiest wife and kids and we know it! We had fun celebrating Tom this week in the middle of a lot of chaos as our Reach teams finished up their time in Bangkok. Happy birthday, babe! You are so patient with math homework and my IT issues and paper jams, do huge piles of laundry, serve our Thai and Lao friends and our team so well, mop kitchen floods, take the kids to school every morning and a ton of other things. You make us so happy! We love you! ❤️ 

After REACH debriefing, we snuck away for a birthday lunch. Tom was pretty happy with his giant burger and freakshake…

At the Reach goodbye party that night, we had chocolate pb cake and lots of team mates gave him 42 things…pens, pencils, shells, mouthwash…

The next night we had a little family party. Balsamic chicken and kale, presents, and cheesecake. Our collective favorite gift is his new Echo Dot. We’re having fun having Alexa play music and weather forecasts and play 20 questions with us. 


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