Little things: Spring 

Some small things from the past month or two that we’d like to remember…

Some team friend dinners… ceviche with Jonathan and Anna (+Black 23 with two decks) and a patio picnic with the Angie and Karly and Jacob and two cuties.

Swimming at the Parkland pool helped a lot with hot season blues. Thank you Grandaddy and Grandmom!!!

A special Korean lunch with students and friends.

Si and Sam on a field trip to the wax museum. The girls both enjoyed a trip to the skating rink as a reward from school and also on SALT trips, which hopefully they will post about soon!

Si doing homework a bird on his head. Represents our bird love and many afternoons filled with heat and homework.

Ramen at a cute new place near us. We need to get used to lunch dates again now that the Reachers are leaving!

Claire made this beautiful pottery mug in art class!

Si came up with this explorer outfit. 😊
Ju came for another sleepover and we made soft pretzels.

We played with these lovable guys a lot and our lotus finally bloomed. It was spectacular for two days and then all the petals fell.

Si got to meet Benson from Kenya! This was especially cool because he is studying the Maasai tribe in school and Benson is from a similar tribe. Tom and I were a little awed to have him at our house too after hearing his amazing church planting story many years ago. Fun to introduce the kids to a real life hero! We also enjoyed the time with Ernesto from our Reach days in Ecuador (both here in Thailand for a Global Disciples Conference).

The kids received a sweet scrapbook of memories from our Reach team.

The Littles and I enjoyed a restful weekend while Tom and Claire traveled to Mae Sot to visit Dan.

Travelogue coming soon!

We are thankful for the first two rains of the rainy season and hope for the end of blistering heat before long!


One thought on “Little things: Spring 

  1. Delores Mast says:

    Thanks for sharing again!! Love it. Dad/Stuart

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