Sweet girl turns 12!

Eliza Grace is 12! We had a two part birthday celebration this year since her birthday was on a Wednesday and she was in school for most of the day. On her actual birthday, she got donuts for breakfast and a big wall of love from our families (so special! Thank you!). It’s a gift that keeps giving because we’re left the pictures up and are enjoying looking at your faces every day!

Her friends spoiled her at school and she had a GREAT school day. Kris made her lots of things out of candy and Rani gave her the cutest light up E. After school and homework, I took her to the hair salon for a fun head massage and curly hair. We had a little photo shoot to remember 12 (although she’s not a big fan of having her picture taken!) and then headed to Mega to meet the rest of the family for Mexican at Sunrise Tacos. Yum! Then back home for presents and cake (pound cake with mango). Special day for a very special girl.

On Sunday we got to go on the birthday outing to a waterpark on top of nearby Central Mall. It was a super hot day, so perfect for lots of trips down water slides and around the river. Back at home, the REACH team surprised the kids with an awesome taco salad supper. They had it all set up like a restaurant with cute decor and a waiter! Yummy and super thoughtful and fun. They had some cute gifts for Eliza too and just made the day perfect.

Happy birthday, sweet Eliza! You are kind, thoughtful, a great helper, obedient, a great friend, fun to be with, pretty, a great cook, funny, and super smart. We are soooooo lucky you are in our family!


Yay for this exciting box from Grandpa and Grandma! And for the fun card and money from Grandaddy and Grandmom! 

This outfit was Eliza’s gift from Si.


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