Happy Easter Morning

This year, as our team met together at the park for our Easter celebrations, what stood out to me from the story was a little detail. I noticed the way Jesus folded his burial clothes and left them neatly behind. It seems like a quiet little message to his disciples- I left here freely, intentionally, and I’m coming back. I don’t think a grave robber would leave neatly folded clothes behind. It seems he was saying they didn’t need to worry that he’d been taken. I loved that and the reminder for me too that he’s coming back. We are so thankful for his resurrection power! He’s alive!

We tried to keep our Easter traditions this year, like dying eggs, making hot cross buns and doing an egg hunt, in addition to preparing with some Lent devotionals and exercises (example: clean a dirty corner of your house and clean hidden sins from your life. Cover all the mirrors and take a break from vanity for the day, etc).  We only got through a few, so we hope to pick up this exercise again next year. I like the idea of preparing for Easter through Lent like we do for Christmas with Advent. It seems to give more meaning to the whole season.

Big hugs to all our faraway loved ones! We miss you, Easter and always! Special thanks to Anita for bunny glasses and Peeps and to Ewings for egg decals!



One thought on “Happy Easter Morning

  1. Aunt A says:

    Glad to see the bunny glasses got some use. I thought your kids would get a kick out of them!

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