More spring break adventures 

After our beach time, we had some nice, quiet time back at home in the BKK for the rest of spring break vacation. Many people travel to homes in the country for Songkran (Thai New Year) so it really feels like a different city- much more relaxed and lots of food shops closed up. Traffic is so much better! We also had fun joining in the annual water fights to celebrate the new year (which makes Songkran the kids favorite Thai holiday)!

Si and I had a super fun date day in the city, birthday shopping for Eliza and eating big salads for lunch. He was a perfect gentleman all day!

Sushi picnic and Amazing Race as a family.

Another picnic of hotdogs and potato salad. Tom is reading Huckleberry Finn to the kids while the hot dogs are grilling.

Si made this awesome robot out of his recycled box of trash that he is constantly collecting.

And with mangos in season and super cheap, we eat them daily- in smoothies, on cereal, diced up, etc. The birdies love the pits! 

And of course, lots of fun water fights…. (Tom took us out on the motorcycle one at a time and we got hosed, sprayed, iced, and powdered!)

songkran 3


songkran 2


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