Ups and Downs

Every time I revisit our blog, I have the same thought: time is flying! Unoriginal I know but it feels truer than ever. We are loving this stage right now and all it’s ups and downs. Recent ups: playing with our birds! We love having them sit on our shoulders, fluffing up for snuggles or nibbling our faces. They are so cute hiding under furniture, squeaking like rubber ducks, eating corn, taking baths, and being besties. Downs: Eliza, Tom and Si all being sick in and off with headaches, fevers, sore throats and eye infections. Here are some other ups and downs…Poor Claire fractured her arm slightly while playing soccer at the park. She has to spend three weeks in a cast . We’re thankful it’s her left arm and she’s handling it great.

Si has loved running track and field this season, despite sweltering heat! He loved his first two track meets. The girls were gracious to stay after school for many practices.

Tom and I flew away to Laos for a few days while the Reachers looked after the kids. We met up with our old friend Pon and spent time with our Reach team there and with Greg and Michelle and Lukas. Pon took us to the church where he’s involved and to the college where he works. We loved hanging out with Naam and Non too! The Reachers gamely rode around in the back of the truck in scorching heat!Those red dirt roads!! So fun watching Megan play volleyball on a team of Lao guys!BoondocksAmazing dinner of duck and prom from the rotisserie!Fun with Lukas who is cuter than ever!

Claire has been buried in homework and feeling the stress  in algebra class. Child has discipline! Didn’t get it from me!



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