February Little Things

Another month blew by and here are some random things we did besides working and teaching and studying! (A few of these were back in January too, oops)

Tom bought Nixons motorcycle, got a Thailand drivers lisence and has been enjoying the freedom ever since. He does lots of market runs and kid pickups as well as dropping me off to teach. It’s been great! Don’t worry, he is safe and we wear helmets! 

David and Lisa and family were here for a few months on a research trip and we loved hanging out, going to Wat Po, having them at team church and eating at Twinkle Lights. Our boys really hit it off!

Our team had a great weeeknd retreat at Bangkok Christian Guesthouse with Steve and Phyllis Swartz as our presenters! We felt so lucky to have them here and learned a lot from their teaching on Journey.

We had a great time at international day at school and had fun manning one of the American carnival game booths.

Si did this fun dance with his class at Field day.

Started making homemade peanut butter. The parents like it a lot more than the kids do.
Had an awesome night out for sushi with my sis Ju!

Team church again, studying Joshua and now Judges. Fun to squeeze into Rhonda and Nixons tiny new condo. That’s the view from their floor.

Si dressed like a ninja and also made valentine cards for his class.

For Valentine’s we had a fun family date thanks to kind friends and Tom and I enjoyed a day date for a massage and a movie.❤️

Si’s class put on a really cute little play called The Crowded House. He was wise old Bartholemew and got to wear a beard.

We had a team girls night at Lumpini Park to have a picnic and hear the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. Ju came too!

Si and Sam had some fun play dates for rock climbing with dad and swimming with mom.
Reachers came over for a nighttime fish picnic on our patio.

Others stuff too, but those are some of the little things I want to remember!


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