🇰🇭I was very happy I got to finally spend some time in Cambodia after doing border runs there many times for a visa! I went for the South East Asia Anabaptist Retreat. Tom and the kids weren’t able to go because of. School. It was great to catch up with lots of old friends from other agencies working in our region. I especially enjoyed the session on listening prayer and the stretching times of prophetic prayer as well as updates and prayer time focused on each region. There was a market trip, Cambodian dancing, pool time, and lots of good conversations. 

My favorite peaceful spot for quiet times with God.

Some of us went to visit the Killing Fields and I learned a lot more about the genocide that happened there in the 70s. It was one of the most heartbreaking places I’ve ever been.

A stupa filled with skulls of the victims. Mass graves.

It was very hard to comprehend both how many people actually died during the Khmer Rouge (1-3 million), and that it happened so recently, during my lifetime. I was shocked to learn later that my Thai high school students have never studied or even heard of the genocide there. Praying for Cambodia now; its hard to imagine how a country rebuilds after losing a quarter of its population.

So thankful I had the chance to go for a week and learn and also so glad to be back home with my family! Missed them!


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