Trip part 2

After our time on the Thai side of the border we crossed the river and spent Sunday-Tuesday in the team’s home area. Altogether there are seven men (and a few of their wives) working together. It was encouraging to hear how God brought them together. Despite not being appointed (or supported) by anyone they share a common vision and desire to serve. They are following up with new believers and seekers and experimenting with small agricultural development projects on the side. Almost all of them are facing significant challenges-poor rice harvests, disabled children, unreliable transportation, etc. But they continue to encourage each other and it was a blessing for me to see the joy with which they worship and make plans for the future. 

Because it’s a sensitive area I won’t be able to visit often, but it was great to finally meet the whole team and spend a little time in several of their homes.

A meal with the team and their families.

Visiting a team member’s melon and bean fields. The group loaned him some money and then it will rotate to someone else when he repays it.

Getting lost on the way to the farm.The over-crowded truck ride from the border.


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