The week after Christmas was a vacation week for us. Instead of going away, we opted for a staycation instead, playing lots of games, going swimming, going to the movies, etc.  It was wonderful to sleep in and have so much relaxed family time.

We went to a temple with the Reach team to continue learning about Bhuddism. And a small market on the canal afterward. Tom got to help make some candy and we bought some enamel plates that I love!

Saturday, we hung out with the Reachers some more on a group bike ride and visiting another water market. Si got some banana trees for a souvenir. Some of the guys tried fishing with their hands in this extremely well stocked pond!

We heard back to school tomorrow and the kids finally seem ready to get back to studies and friends. We are so thankful for this refreshing time out!

On New Years Eve, we had a shrimp and pasta dinner, played hide and seek in the dark and watched the kids perform a skit they wrote about the birth of Jesus in a Thai context. It was fun to see Mary with a rice pot! We are thankful that Jesus came for Thai people. We ended the year with a family sleepover by the tree. Welcome 2017!


One thought on “2017!

  1. Stuart says:

    Thanks for sharing these pics.

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