January 2017 What We’re Into

I thought it would be fun for the future to remember what we are each into doing right now!

First up,


Playing Goat Simulator, Beach Buggy Racing,  and Scribble Naughts Remix on his Kindle

taking pictures and videos on Kindle

Watching nature videos- planet earth, save the planet and Wild Kratts

new watch and binoculars  (bird watching)

reading Pinky Pye, Bad Luck series


Reading The Family Under the Bridge and Holiday Concert with Mom

Playing Sorry tournaments with Dad

the climbing wall at school

hanging out with Sam- nerf gun battles, lego fights, and goat simulator

Playing Guesstures


Ba mii (egg noodles)


Scrapbooking with photos, washi tape, and colored pens

Reading new illustrated  Harry Potter book

Playing Almanzo in the afternoons and talking time with Claire

Playing Rook and Password as a family

Swimming in the Parkland pool

Baking -lemon poppy seed muffins, lime bars, and corn bread

Karaoke – especially Disney princess duets

Reading Tom Sawyer with Dad and Silas


Borax experiments (slime, bouncy balls)


Friday nights

Gwai Teow (noodle soup)


Books- Christy, Artemis Fowl, Science of the Mind, What If, A Guide to Public Speaking (Ted Talks)

Playing Almanzo with Eliza


Yoga with Mom and Excercise with Dad

Jean Shorts

new glasses

lunchtime with friends

Eraser collection

Learning songs from Hamilton the Musical

Karaoke with Eliza

Making eggs in a hole for breakfast


Reading Judges, Isaiah, and Acts


Bullet journaling

Daily tea

Baking with Eliza

Reading to the kids

Pray as you Go App

Lining with friends (messaging)

Messaging sisters

Playing Spot It with students

coloring and listening to worship music

Instagram and Pinterest

Sleepovers with Ju and team women’s nights and coffee chats

Taking phone photos

Netflix with Tom

Kindle reading

I’ll let Tom add what he’s into right now!

We are memorizing Psalm 91. Silas has just been added to the chore chart to clear drainer. Dad bought a motorcycle and is loving enjoying errand running much more now! We all love our plants and fishies out front. Thanks to generosity of dear parents, we got a membership to a local pool and are enjoying more swim time. We clean the house together each Friday or Saturday. Tom does lots of laundry and makes us good Thai food and fluffy pancakes. Candice likes to make simple American food like spaghetti, pasta salad, and honeybaked chicken.Enjoying cornbread with the cornmeal that Leanna brought to Thailand! We are lighting candles around the house since it’s cool enough to have the fans off for a bit. We have all enjoyed a relaxing Christmas break and are gearing up to start back up with more busy life starting next week- back to school and teaching! Tom is currently in Laos doing a seminar and visiting Lan and his team. We are happy he can do that!




One thought on “January 2017 What We’re Into

  1. Brittany T. says:

    Loved hearing that the girls are still into playing Almanzo ❤

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