School is Out!!!

We like to celebrate the end of school and the start of the Christmas break with a trip downtown to see the lights! We loved that the weather actually finally felt on the cool side. Such a nice change! Si is fighting a cold and Eliza frequent headaches but we had a good night in spite of that. Our first stop was at a tiny art gallery featuring the photography of Steve McCurry who took the famous potrait of the Afghan girl with green eyes. We really enjoyed his portraits of people from all around the world. 

“He looks like a wiseman.”

Then it was on to Ekkamai for Japanese food, sitting on the floor. Claire gazed lovingly into the sushi bowl.

Many of the lights were yellow and gold this year as a tribute to the king. There were definitely fewer displays than normal too.

Then Lights Lights Lights all around Central World. And a stop at DQ for mint, chocolate truffle blizzards!

Goofies goofing

And we dropped into a fancy hotel lobby just for fun!


2 thoughts on “School is Out!!!

  1. Delores Mast says:

    I Love seeing all the neat adventures you are having and to see the fun family times. It makes missing you not quite so hard when I see the good times you have .

  2. Stuart says:

    Thanks for these pictures and news. It is nice to see these glimpses and wish we could be there again. And miss all of you here! Stuart

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