It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

With the time flying by until Christmas we have been teaching a lot, spending time with Reachers and studying hard for final tests and projects! We are excited for the last day of school tomorrow and very ready for some family time after a busy stretch…

Our annual evening of decorating was as special as ever, complete with pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, and singing by the tree.

Tom took this lovely lady on a date to see The Messiah in the city and had a wonderful time. Meanwhile the littles tagged along for English class and Christmas shopping and a McDonalds treat with me.

We had a wonderful Christmas home church with extra friends and our new REACH team joining for the first time. We talked about and experienced HOPE together.

We went to a Christmas party at the Burmese church where Tom teaches English. It was so packed, we spent the whole time on the sidewalk but it was awesome to witness the joy of so many new beleievers worshipping together! So got some laundry detergent as a gift!

Wrapping underway!

Tom and I got away to celebrate 18 years of marriage! A great night of Japanese food, Christmas lights, beautiful city views, memories, and a movie. Happy for REACH babysitters again!

Cheers to Daddy! We celebrated Father’s Day a little late (Dec 5 in Thailand) with root beer floats and sushi. What a great dad our kids have!


One thought on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

  1. Brittany T. says:

    Your gift wrapping skills always amaze me 🙂

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