Thanks for the memories

Here are a few final pictures of a wonderful month together. Dad and Mom you were a breath of fresh air and such an encouragement to us!! Love you!!

The order of these pictures is exactly reversed so you can start from the bottom if you want chronological.

Thai tea after pick ups. The kids loved showing Grandaddy and Grandmom their school.

A little lunch date with mom and dad with some fruit shopping and orchid window shopping thrown in

Crazy times playing Yahtzee. Mom and Eliza and Tom also put a puzzle together but I forgot to get a pic

This was a little outing to spend time with my friend Ju. We visited a museum downtown and then took a canal boat ride. Dad likes his boat rides!

Tom and I got a date night with Mexican food! Thanks babysitters!

Catfish and shrimp feast made by Tom and mom and dad. It was awesome guys! Can we do that again??

Family trees of both mom and dads families! Way to go, Dad and Claire! Dad also inspired a whole bunch of scrapbooking around here


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