Little Things (rainy season)

Thing one is a downer. Gotta say, we are so tired of daily kitchen floods! Not too exciting to wake up to full buckets, soaked cabinets and walls and water in the floor.

But check out how much my favorite plant has grown!

Good old rainy season.

Playground on my way to teach English.

Sleepover with one of our favorites and she brought chocolate for breakfast!

Student Thom. Love her! 

Our new teammates are adjusting and doing well. They are all moved in and start language school tomorrow.

Had a lovely Thai Mother’s Day with a trip to Little India. 

And Eliza’s class did a very sweet Mother’s Day presentation. Cried!

Celebrated teammate Anna’s bday with a fun girls night out

Successful visa run Cambodia. Tom and I will hopefully make our last one to Laos next month. With our guardian visas it will be just immigration check ins every three months. Thank you, God!

Silas ran in his first cross-country event. A 3K “fun run.” He took a tumble early on but got up and finished with a smile.

We also enjoyed watching some of the Rio olympics!


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