Little Things: Summer

As we wrap up our summer this week, here’s a peek at some our summer days, just the little stuff.

Tom and Claire enjoyed their Sunday night dates to teach English at a little Burmese church (Claire entertained he pastors small daughter) followed by late night market suppers.

We learned to play Rook and begged Claire to play most nights this week!

Si got into Racko and building elaborate things with blocks and Legos. And Angry Birds as always.

We memorized two new scriptures and started reading theEvening Prayers from the Daily Offices for devotions.

Candice got a bunch of new students and has been busy planning and teaching! She is watercoloring very poorly for fun.

Our tiny pot garden out front is flourishing and expanding with a big cactus, more hanging plants, a stone bunny, and lots of seeds planted (herbs, peppers, flowers).

T and C are enjoying music and paint by number dates.

Si had an epic day out at the Dino park alone with Bee and Noo and Cee.

And learned to help bake bread. The girls got more independent with cooking, making some simple dishes for supper and often making eggs in a hole for breakfast.

Si learned to tie his shoes and all the kids became better typists.

Si, Eliza and Candice traveled to Minburi to decorate Ju’s mom’s grave. Wonderful day and we’ve really enjoyed our monthly sleepovers with Ju too.

T and C had a dimsum date while the kids went to the zoo with Rhonda and Nixon.

It’s been mostly a quiet summer but so restful to be out of the rigid school and homework routine! The kids are all so excited to go back next Tuesday!!


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