Catching up is hard to do!

It feels impossible to fill in the blanks on the blog at this point, so let me just summarize a little. School is wrapping up in the next few weeks. Claire has been working on a big project for Science, Si is studying the Netherlands and getting ready for the World Fair (we might try to make paper “wooden” shoes??), Eliza is leaning all about what it’s going to be like to be a middle schooler next year. Claire is the star of the song “Loser Like Me” in the 7th grade end of year drama performance. 🙂 Si is having a fantastic time playing soccer in a league at school.   We’re all so ready for summer and having more time together and sleeping past 6 a.m.! We are working on a bucket list of things to do and accomplish over the summer from learning to type to cleaning fans and going to Chinatown.  Tom got back from his 10 days in America and we all survived it! Back home, we enjoyed a long weekend at the beach with a REACH friend and had friends from school give the kids rides each morning. We are so happy to be back together as a family now, with a low key weekend ahead. Our team is smaller now with Efrain and Sujen back in Nicaragua and the REACH team returned home too.  We got together this week for Dan’s birthday and we’ll be together for church at our house this Sunday. Summer also feels like a rest from team transition.  And praise God, we had a successful visa day yesterday. I went to Cambodia to extend my time until August and the kids got their education visas extended for the year. So thankful for a problem-free day at the border and the immigration office.




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