11 years old!



Highlights of Eliza’s special day (the lowlight being going to school on her birthday. :)). Chocolate cake she made and shared with her class. Jumping at Amped Trampoline Park after school. Eating sushi and pringles and grapes for supper (her pick). Gifts like: apron, hamburger pillow, paint by number canvas, moose, craft supplies, pencil case, fluffy skirt and headband, bracelets, shirt.  Her very special gift was an African Spur Tortoise. She’s named him Eltrut and he is such a sweet little guy!

Birthday Interview, age 11

1) What’s your favorite color? peach
2) What’s your favorite book that you’ve read recently?  Left Behind
3) Overall favorite books?  Lemony Snickett books
4) A wish?  I wish Allison and Laci and Lydia and Dara could come visit us.
5) What are your favorite hobbies right now? Cooking, scrapbooking, playing Badminton
6) What’s your favorite chore?  cleaning the patio (sliding in water afterwards)
7) Your least favorite chore? cleaning the bathroom floor.
8) What is a place you’d like to visit?  Hong Kong
9) What are things that you need to practice more? Thai
10) What do you want to be when you grow up?  Missionary teacher in Thailand
11) What is something new that you’d like to learn this year? more Thai
12) What do you like about home?  Coloring on the floor
13) How have you changed this year?  I don’t know!
14)What is your favorite food? sushi
15) How does it feel to be 11? Same as 10!



One thought on “11 years old!

  1. Aunt Nita says:

    I can just here her voice giving all those answers–especially, “I don’t know!” Love!

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