Grandpa and Grandma

It’s hard to write about without getting all sentimental and sounding cheesy, but you know what feels really, really good? A visit from Grandpa and Grandma! The kids were beside themselves with excitement leading up to it. We had all looked forward to it basically ever since we got here! The visit lasted a month but it felt so much shorter as the time flew by. We all commented on how it felt like they did so much with us and yet it felt so short. We had lots of normal time together- just regular family dinners and evenings at home (helping with homework, listening to Si’s long stories, mom even joined me for yoga!). They picked up the kids from school many times and both even chaperoned field trips! They got some site-seeing in and we all took a trip to Laos which was one of the highlights for all of us. The kids got their education visas and we had a wonderful time with Michelle (Tom’s cousin) and Greg who currently live and work in Vientiane. It was also great to see Pon and his family again! We had other mini adventures too- like the flying chicken restaurant ( a guy on a unicycle catches flying roast chickens – yeah, weird), an exhibition of 1600 pandas downtown, Chatuchak market (where we bought our new bird- more on him soon), and Lopburi to see monkey town. Best of all though was just the time together. Thank you, thank you mom and dad for coming and sharing life with us for awhile. It was precious! (I’m hoping Tom will do a part two with more of his phone pics!).


We were so grateful they were here when Eliza was hospitalized for three nights with dengue fever and helped so much with childcare over that time. Eliza recovered very well and was up, speedily making up school work, and back to her normal self in time for the trip to Laos.

IMG_20160222_103328 IMG_20160222_161908 IMG_20160223_170629 IMG_20160224_111610

Oh we love that little cutie pie Lukas!! Highlights of the Laos trip…dinner at Pon’s house, Lao coffees, Vietnamese lunch and Joma supper (thanks George and Mindy!!), lots of reading time, swimming in the kiddie pool, exploring the local temples, a delicious Lao supper made by Pim and Michelle, and crossing borders and getting visas without problems.

IMG_20160220_120438 IMG_20160307_160134 IMG_20160307_171102

Mom and Dad were so adventurous with their transportation, even on their own. They rode buses, songtaew trucks, boats (they explored on canals several days on their own), motorcycles, taxis, the skytrain, etc. We were impressed!

They also spent time with out teammates- at team meetings and meals, at the food truck where Jonathan works, at the park for church, prayer meeting at the REACHer’s, etc. It was nice to have them get to know our team family better.

DSC_0084 DSC_0086

Dad especially enjoyed all kinds of Thai food, especially this salted fish we had for the second time on their last night here.   Good-bye cake…it was hard to see them go but we felt so thankful for such a good time!

Before they left, I wanted to get a picture of each kid with their grandparents- I love these special pictures!

DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0092

As I said, this is just a tiny taste of a wonderful, long visit, but I have to start somewhere! 🙂 I hope to get more pics up soon- especially of the biking day in Bangkok’s “green lung” and a day trip to Lopburi- Tom got some funny monkey attack pictures. 🙂

We love you guys. Thanks for all your love and help and the good times. Thanks Mast family for supporting them to come and doing all the chores and the airport pick up!!!


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