Good-bye 2015!


2015 has been a pretty epic year for our family (so get ready for an epic, catch up post!). It’s been so good in many ways, and so difficult in others (like all our lives). I wouldn’t want to go through an international transition again anytime soon! It feels so good to be settled in Thailand again even with some of the growing pains that we still experience.  Today is New Year’s day and we’re planning a fun night of shrimp for supper and sleeping by the tree, taking down some decorations, updating our finances, and looking back on the blog, realizing we haven’t done a good job keeping up, so here’s a little recap of some of our recent highs and lows from the past three months or so….

From Eliza….

The good:

Throwing frisbee and playing badminton (got a set for Christmas)

Reading Harry Potter with Dad

Watching Gortimer Gibbons on Friday nights with Claire

Going to 108 (convenience store) to get snacks

The time I went to Teddy’s Bigger Burger with Dad

Miss Allison being my teacher

Watching Inside Out as a family at the mall

Making friends with Lucy, Rani, Kenna, Clarice

Going to see the school play, Annie


The bad:

Going to Singapore for a visa run while I was sick

Having jetlag at Rhonda and Nixon’s house

Doing a science fair project

Having granola for breakfast almost every day


Making biscotti inspired by British Bake Off


Eliza’s sick day in Singapore.


Her science project, studying baking soda.

IMG_20150923_172324 IMG_20151114_130345 IMG_20151125_170351 IMG_20151206_152134 IMG_20151210_173824


From Claire….

Some highlights from the past few months

*Life group with Miss Devon and my friends Hannah, Hauen, MK, Deborah, and Clara- reading James

*Watching Inside Out in the theater

*Eagle card award party at school (watching Despicable Me 2, eating popcorn, and drinking soda)

*Performing dance in drama (Better in Stereo)

*Winter choir concert

*Seismograph project with Alizabeth

*Baking brownies to give to ICS staff with Alizabeth

*Going to Yogurtland with my lunch life group

*Reading The Hobbit

*Making African elephant mask for social studies

*Going to see the Messiah with Dad


Claire and her lunch life group on their trip to yogurtland.


Having a refreshing popsicle after gym class


Ready for her choir concert


Getting her Christmas gifts ready for friends. Flamingos for all!

IMG_20151018_174634 IMG_20151210_171808IMG_20151117_181146

From Silas…. My wrestling class has been a great experience. I’ve learned the duck under move, to do the bear crawl race, lunge, and some other moves. My 2nd grade teacher is Miss Christina- she has long hair. We have 14 kids in our class and our desks are in a u-shape. There is one other American kid and other kids from Korea, Thailand, etc. ICS has turnstiles and a pool. We leave for school early in the morning and I don’t like getting up so early. My favorite way to go to school is by taxi but usually go on the bus. It’s really crowded and you have to jump down fast  or the bus will drive away.  I like playing soccer with the family at the King’s Park- it has lots of grass and a pond and swan boats and trails you can go on. We have a REACH team now- it’s good because they took us to the pool. At home, I like to ride scooter and my bike and play badminton on the street.  On my kindle I like to play Angry Bird Transformers and Minecraft (building a city). My favorite book right now are Geronimo Stilton. Daddy is reading me the Narnia books to me and Mom is reading Laura Ingalls.

IMG_20151103_134540 (1)

Demo-ing some wrestling moves in his Eagles shirt.


Still planning his trips around the world.

IMG_20151127_152440 IMG_20151210_171638 IMG_20151218_143049

From Candice… My  life over the last few months has been dominated by language school. I have loved my funny, awesome teacher, Khruu Natchari and my classmate, Lyn, who’s been through it all with me. We started with a big class in book 2 and ended up with just the two of us learning to read and write in book 5. We just have one final level of speaking that we plan to take in February before I’ll be job hunting. It will be interesting to see what God and 2016 have in store for me!

The other big happening in my life was breaking my arm back in September. I’m so thankful for 1) the kind neighbor who walked me to the hospital 2)the dr. who did my surgery 3)Tom and the kids who did lots of extra chores and helped me in so many ways while I healed. My arm is feeling good and I have much better range of motion now. I have a final x-ray in late January and I’m home free. Thank you, Jesus!

Other little highlights: watching British Bake Off and baking with Eliza, reading the Little House with Silas, anniversary date with Tom to Chesa for fondue and walking the city looking at Christmas lights, getting a foot massage with the team women, hanging out a few times with my friend Ju, going on a date to see The Little Prince with Silas, playing Password as a family, visit from RMM team, team worship, having a new REACH team arrive, making friends with moms from around the world at ICS, Si’s elementary Christmas concert and performance as Johnny Appleseed in his class skit, Thursdays with the Cambodian kids at the construction camp, Friendsgiving with our team. Watching my little kids grow into big kids!! I just love how much more independent they are becoming and all they are learning. It makes me so proud to see how they are are growing and also how well they’re adapting.


Ugh!!! Slippery streets! Anita, thanks, my wonder woman shirt helped a lot. 🙂


My awesome surgeon


Friendsgiving !


Anniversary date. 17 years, baby!


My fantastic teacher, Khruu Natchari


From Tom:

I enjoyed my trip to  Laos to reconnect with Pon and Lan to talk about ministry and business possibilities there. It feels like a new phase of our relationship with them, trying to advise and disciple from a distance. As a bonus, I also got to see my cousin M, and stay with her family.   It’s great to have a REACH team with a mix of girls and guys. They are off to a great start here.  Other things I’ve enjoyed recently: family day trip to a fishing village near the Gulf of Thailand (traveling by train)- seeing the market full of interesting fish and squid, colorful fishing boats stacked along the docks, delicious seafood lunch. We relaxed during a nice vacation during the kid’s fall break to the beach in Prachuap Kiri Khan. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with a former English student, Bix- now we just met to talk and I learn a lot about Thai culture and current events from him.

Thai Father’s day (on the King’s birthday in December)


IMG_20151015_212814 With the cuties we teach on Thursdays.

IMG_20150906_152256 IMG_20151023_141929 IMG_20151021_172230 (1)



3 thoughts on “Good-bye 2015!

  1. Betsy & Philip Fisher Rhodes says:

    Loved reading this post! What a great year, and fun to hear everyone’s voices. P

  2. Aunt Anita says:

    Loved the epic update! Could just hear Si rattling off that paragraph! And, of course, love the Wonder Woman shout-out. =)

  3. Brittany T says:

    Love hearing from all of you! Especially liked the picture of Silas showing his wrestling move 🙂

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