Old Friends

In all the newness around us and all the adjustment, we have found ourselves to be very, very thankful for old friends. While we are meeting many new people – neighbors, language school classmates, ICS classmates and parents, teachers, etc and enjoying lots of new relationships, there is a lot of comfort in relating to some people that we already know well. Our first visitor in our new house was my old friend, Ju!! She is delightful as ever, bringing us great presents like cute strings of lights for the house and it was so good to be together again.


We also got to get together with Geat and Lung and family at their house for a Bible study. We were so encouraged by the way she is sharing her faith with her friend Rose.  It felt like old times being in their house, eating together, the kids laughing and running around, and studying the Bible.  Glad she is still growing and interested in learning. Dtao is continuing to receive chemo for her leukemia and is still able to attend school. She and Si had fun torturing the cats together.

geats house

geats house 2





We also had a nice visit with our old friend and landlord Lung Seri.  When we first arrived, the kids really wanted to visit Thippawan. They loved being back there but I think it made them a little sad too. (they would still love to be there). We peeked at our old house, ate lunch at the Noodle Shop, and one of Si’s old teachers came and “kidnapped” him and took him to see his old school.  Since that time, the kids haven’t talked much about Thippawan and I think it really helps that we are more settled in this new neighborhood and school. I’m sure they would still say they miss it though.

gabby DSC_0019 DSC_0017

Our team has really helped in our adjustment too. We don’t get together often- just once or twice a month plus a few get togethers for coffees one on one, but are always encouraged when we get together with these friends and eat and have worship and pray for each other. We really need these guys! Especially loved the night at Efrain and Sujen’s when they made Nicaraguan food and we played Black 13 (which in turn became our family’s favorite game to play together!). We always wish we could be more helpful with Gabby but she REALLY likes her mom and dad these days!


And it felt REALLY good to see FAMILY! Greg and Michelle hung out with us on their way to a home assignment in the States (they’re workers in Laos). Here we were having some pancakes and enjoying that cute Lukas. Silas really loves him and still talks about when he’s coming back. It will be great to hopefully see them more regularly now that they are living in Vientiane near our friend Pon.

Thank you God for old friends. Pray that we will know how to maintain and love these old friends while living in a new area and meeting and making many new friends. Looking at these pictures makes me feel so grateful for all those who care about us and have helped us in many ways as we settle in. It feels more and more like home here all the time.


One thought on “Old Friends

  1. 1908wasnextyear says:

    Thanks for the new pictures! I love seeing your faces, peeking inside your home, and seeing the faces of the people that you interact with and that love on you (when I can’t). Miss you guys! I’m so grateful that you’re feeling settled in the new place.

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