Bananas and Brooms

The first days in our house felt overwhelming. So much dirty stuff and so many things we didn’t know how to do! I was so discouraged that first night.  But day by day, God’s been showing his faithfulness and one thing at a time, we’ve been figuring our life here and settling into our new house and life. There is still so much to learn but we’re encouraged and liking where we are. The first few days, I was frustrated that I didn’t have a broom to use and all the floors felt dirty. We went shopping and bought a broom that was totally ineffective.  We also kept saying we needed to get out and buy more good, Thai fruit. We have a veg stand but not fruit. Well, on the third day, Tom went to a market and bought me two beautiful, traditional straw brooms. Later, the girls went to the vegetable stand to get some sauce for making supper and our landlady gave them two more brooms.  From none to four!  The same day, Tom got bananas at the market and we received two large bunches from two different neighbors. From none to many, many!! Every time I think about those two little things, I feel God’s eyes on us and the way he works- abundantly doing good things.

Our address is…
209/6 Muban Phairot Krongan 5 Soi 1
Bang Na Trad Soi 27
Bang Na, Bang Na

We have a U.S. number that you can reach us on for free (your morning or evening! 🙂 )…..

Here are a few pics of early days getting settled…


First week at Rhonda and Nixson’s house. The girls picked up these pretty frangipani flowers from the street. Love them and they smell so good!


Meeting our tiniest team member, Gabriella at our first team time. She really liked Tom when she was asleep! Otherwise, she cried every time she looked at us!



THANKS to this strong group of movers!!


First breakfast (pb sandwiches, yogurt) among the boxes.


Tom rigs up a trapeze-like clothes line the first day he figured out laundry. Our neighbor lady saw these efforts and brought some string over to rig another line too.


Girls dressed up for furniture shopping. We wear distinctly different clothes for being at home and going out!


Si smashing up some garlic for a stir fry. We are loving the cheap, market veggies! Wonderful kale, mushrooms, basil etc.

Thank you, thank you again to all of you who have been praying. We’ve felt them so much!


One thought on “Bananas and Brooms

  1. Aunt Anita says:

    So good to see your faces again! That fainting story is scary!!! Hoping this place feels like home really soon. Love you all!

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