At home in Muban Phairot

If you’re wondering how to pronounce that, it’s “pie-wrote.”  That’s our new neighborhood (muban)!  Tonight, we just had some pad thai on our living room floor, we washed up the dishes while Tom and Claire went to get water from a nearby water machine, and now the kids are showered and watching a Mr. Bean movie on tv.  By the smell, the neighbor is once again making fried chicken and making us drool (same time, same smell last night).  Fortunately it’s not raining tonight. Last night, we went out for a few hours and came home to a torrential downpour and water steady seeping into our kitchen walls and onto the floor! Hopefully that will get fixed before long.

Day one in our house (Saturday) was pretty overwhelming.  Rhonda and Nixson’s landlords kindly gave us (and our baggage) a lift in their truck to the new house and then Tom and Nixson, Efrain,  and Jonathan, plus Lung and Geat and family convened in Thippawan to get our stuff out of storage. After hauling tons of heavy stuff and sweating buckets, they showed up at the house with two and a half trucks of dirty, moldy stuff. Oh my, that was depressing. They quickly unloaded it all, we had a quick Thai lunch on the patio. THANK YOU so much to our wonderful helpers- we never could have done it alone.  Pretty much everything needed washing before it was ready to use so we have spent the last two days doing a LOT of unpacking and washing (and sweating). And slowly, slowly, this house is becoming recognizable as a home! Before long, I will post pics- I just wanted to get a quick post up to let you know how we are getting along.

Here are a few other little things that have happened along the way…

*On Sunday we had a nice little family church and Tom actually cooked rice, went to the veg stand and made a nice little stir fry. That might not sound like much, but if you saw the state of the house, you’d get that it was a big deal!

*Today we got the patio mostly cleared (it was packed with “junk” before) and washed down which felt really, really good to me.

*Tom did some loads of laundry out front and a kindly neighbor came over and rigged up a clothesline for him out of plastic string.

*The kids have been super troopers- they are so happy to be here and love their new rooms. They have helped do a lot of work and are practicing their Thai a lot. Eliza worked on Rosetta Stone awhile today.

*Cold showers every night feel really, really, really good!

*We met a cute little myna bird with an injured foot who hopped onto our patio and stayed a long time, eating a banana, sitting on Claire and Tom’s arms and generally making himself at home (he came into the house several times).

Looking back on the past week plus, I’m feeling so grateful that we had the week at Rhonda and Nixon’s. While it’s so nice to be getting settled into our own home, that gave us such a nice place to rest and get over jetlag and not need to deal immediately with figuring out so many things- like where to buy gas for the stove, how to get internet, buying fans, cleaning all our dirty storage stuff, getting water, etc, ect.  Nixson gave Silas a cute haircut (he’s our team barber), they made us Nicaraguan food, we had fun watching the Thai women’s volleyball team play on tv, etc. One weird thing happened while we were there. One day at lunch, I took a gulp of coke, felt a weird burning in my chest, went down to my knees in pain, and then fainted!  I think that might have cured me of my Coke Zero habit- I’m too afraid to drink another one! It freaked out the kids, but I was totally fine after- just a weird thing- I read online about some people fainting after drinking a cold drink. Anyway, it was strange!  Mom, I know you’re wondering- our health has been good otherwise. 🙂

Okay, much love to our families- we miss you! Pictures soon! – C


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