Little Things May, Part 2

May went by fast and our calendar was packed!


I got some beautiful mother’s day flowers and cards. Tom knows I like the filler better than the roses. We got tacos for lunch.


Eliza made a model of Old Faithful with salt dough and cotton with some cardboard trees.


With Muji and the San Francisco Bay Bridge.


And her science experiment on ocean currents. So many end of the year projects! Great job, Eliza!


We started doing a lot of packing of things in drawers and closets (see that bubble wrap back there). And got into playing Dutch Blitz again (we taught Muji too).

On Memorial day, we enjoyed the day off school and then went to Park of Roses near our house for a picnic supper- and cloud gazing and reading and family soccer.

DSC_0910 DSC_0917 DSC_0919 DSC_0952 DSC_0943 DSC_0948

And then it was time for the last day of school and picnic on the lawn at Clinton Elementary. We have been so thankful for this school and these friends and teachers over the past two years. Thank you, God!


Mrs. Gretschmann


Eliza’s favorite, Muji.

DSC_0958 DSC_0959

Playdate buddy, Eli. Too bad they weren’t in the same class this year!


Another friend from 1st and 2nd grade- Kristen. Her mom is from the Philippines

. So now, Silas always says he wants to go there. 🙂


Mrs. McCaulsky.


English teacher, Mrs. Priebe. So sad I have no friend pics with Claire’s friends Kate, Izzy, and Maddie- no pics allowed at school. 😦

We’ve been enjoying the start of summer- sleeping in a little later, mostly! We are reading for the summer reading club at the library, doing some crafting, but mostly packing, packing, packing. The kids have been cheerful helpers.


Part of our MST (mission support team) came over for Thai food this weekend. Sorry I missed Dale and Sharon in the picture! Two other members couldn’t make it. We are so thankful for this group!


And Tom and Si (armed with cowbell) bundled up for a chilly Clippers game with the men from church.

We also had a nice dinner at Kristyn and Rachel’s (former Thailand REACHer) apartment, went to Dani and Jacob’s wedding shower at the park, spoke at Fairlawn church (along with Philip and Betsy),  and I had my last time with Eve and Kami (pic below is actually time before last!). We are former co-workers at Adriel who have stayed friends over the years. Kami lives in Indiana, so every few months, we all drive a few hours and meeting in the middle to chat for another few hours at Cracker Barrel. It’s been so fun to do this again. Love these two. I am more thankful than ever for friends who stick with me through all my coming and going!



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