Little Things: May, Part 1

May was a busy, busy month. Getting ready to move started to get real and the activities multiplied as we finished a busy school year…Here’s a little of what went on…


Tom and I had a fun day date one Friday and went all over town taking pictures of vintage signs- mostly neon and mostly from the 50s/60s. This is my idea of a good time- haha. We went to some strange parts of Columbus and had found some good treats along the way too…

DSC_0690 DSC_0694 IMG_20150501_104833

IMG_20150501_102117 IMG_20150501_102444


DSC_0699 IMG_20150501_114855

Tom had a very busy week of board meetings and slept at the RIC since they went all day and late into the evening. He was also ordained as a CMC minister one day during the meetings and Rob and Doris came and were a part of that. While he was away, the kids and I went skating with their school one night. Amazing time had by all! 🙂


20150512_191319 (1)

There were many, many end of school activities, including Claire’s choir concert…and later Cabaret Night when her drama class presented a drama and she played “the ugly woodpecker”- so cute.


And she was recognized at an awards assembly for her 4.0 for the whole year! We were really proud of all her hard work.


And her reading- 5 million words! She really loved picking out some books with the gift certificate she earned. Of course, it was torture deciding!


We applied for new passports and it made the reality of the move hit home- we haven’t done paperwork like this for awhile! The new passports arrived in the mail yesterday and we can’t wait to use them!


I had my last day at work! Here I am saying good-bye to my little cubicle at the RIC. Loved my job here.


Good-bye lunch with my co-workers Denise and Garret and Hans on the left who is replacing me as staff writer. I feel really good leaving things in his hands.


We stuffed envelopes as a family and sent out our support letter. Again, this is real!

Also…Tom preached at LCF and we got to have lunch with Phil and Lucy. We went to Shiloh to hear the Rosedale chorale and salt and light (Claire is an especially big fan).  I’ll finish in part 2!


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