Cleveland and the Okee Dokee Brothers

So, our IFI friend Caleb from China, moved to Cleveland for a job. We had been wanting to go visit him and then heard about a children’s festival downtown with our favorite kids band, the Okee Dokee brothers. So that sealed the deal and drove over there to meet up with Caleb for breakfast and to


After we decimated our pancakes and omlettes.

It’s been awesome to see so many of our prayers for Caleb answered. He now has a job that is working out well and a girlfriend who seems to make him very happy! 🙂


The kids got some awesome free face painting and animal balloons…


And we got to meet the Okee Dokee brothers which was the greatest. The kids were thrilled! And we were a little bit thrilled too! If you haven’t heard them, check them out here:


They were awesome in person- so much fun- just gentle, low key kid fun.


We chilled in a park by Lake Erie for a bit…



And ended our day in this really interesting Polish restaurant.

Great outing and Cleveland, we really like you!


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