All Birthdays, All the Time!

So, since I can’t seem to post about anything except little things and birthdays, lately, let’s continue the theme…Tom’s birthday. Since he turned 40, we really wanted to make a big deal out of his birthday this year (better than last year when he was in meetings all day and grilled his own steak dinner 😦 ).  A bunch of our friends and family (including most of you reading this!), contributed birthday wishes and I made a wall of 40 envelopes for him to open over the course of 40 days. He’s not even halfway done and enjoying reading something or getting a gift every day.  We also made a timeline of 40 (or so) photos, aiming for about one a year- his mom covered the first 20 years, and I covered the second. I guess we’ve shared him half and half at this point! 🙂  It was so special to have Mom and Dad Mast out here to celebrate too and then they did us the huge favor of taking care of our kids while Tom and I went on a little birthday trip….


Checking out the pictures when he got home from work.


Wall of wishes.


Unsuccessful trust falls while grilling chicken.


On the menu- BBQ chicken, baked beans, potato salad, asparagus. After this, Claire and I headed to her school for an awards ceremony and everyone else went to the park to throw frisbee.


Then it was cheesecake time! Happy 40th babe! We love you so much and feel lucky to have the best dad/husband/son!


Next morning was his actual b’day so we celebrated with breakfast before school (they got to be late!) at DK diner- the donuts are yum!


And Tom and I were excited to be road tripping! The timing of this trip was a little crazy and when we arranged it we wondered if it would be good timing with our move. It was PERFECT timing. Heavenly to get away for a few days and we both felt the most relaxed that we had in months and months. It was wonderful. We drove about three hours to the charming little town of Madison Indiana for the River Roots festival.


We set up our little campsite and were in heaven just sitting here in the mostly quiet (our neighbors had a radio), reading. We ended up reading a lot of Anne Tyler’s new book, The Blue Thread aloud to each other.


Yay, we are here! The festival was right by the river. So beautiful!


Then, music time! We heard several groups this first night- some more traditional bluegrass, some more folk or Americana. Tom liked The Tillers. This group (Scythian) was really fun and high energy- they called their style “immigrant folk” and it was a mix of Irish, “gypsy” music, and “old-time” songs (I didn’t know this was an actual category until this festival :)). There was a bubble machine and you can almost make out the bubbles in the pic.


Waking up in a tent was pretty heavenly! We haven’t done much tent camping at all since we’ve been back.


And what is it about food while camping? Yum!


We walked all around the cute little town in drizzly rain. We bought a cinnamon roll and poked around in shops and had lunch at a sandwich place. The town is so awesome, very historic and beautiful…and one thing that really amazed me…they had a rest stop (like very nice) – just to sit down or use the restroom. Just in a tiny town. I thought that was the best.




The festival was a bit rainy that afternoon! At one point, it was POURING! We were under a tent wondering if we were getting totally rained out. Then our favorite act got moved to another tent so we raced over there….


And plopped down right in front of the front row!


We got to see our favorite, Willie Watson, right up close while it poured outside and with a view of the river!- it was so much fun!! I also really liked the next group, Run Boy Run which reminded me a lot of Nickle Creek.


Frizzy rain hair, worried our tent was becoming a lake!!….

As it turned out, our tent DID become a lake! We came back from the concert in the dark at 11:30 and our tent was full of puddles! Even our suitcase and clothes got wet! We hung some clothes to dry inside our car and the dried up most of the puddles and scooched into a least-wet corner of the tent to sleep. Amazingly, we slept great and enjoyed another leasurely morning in camp before having some BBQ in town, seeing the Ohio river one more time and then heading home


We could not have asked for a better time celebrating Tom’s birthday. Mom and Dad, thanks again so much! The kids had so much fun with you!

Happy birthday, Tom! You really are getting better with age! 🙂


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