Spring Break in VA

After our Easter trip to Delaware, we headed over to VA to spend the rest of our spring break with the VA half of the family. Such fun times, and extra special as our time in the States gets shorter.


Lots of time hanging out at the house, just being together. Claire thought Grandaddy’s baby book was the coolest thing ever. He taught her to scrapbook and it’s now one of her (and Eliza’s) favorite things to do.


She always does a little baking with Grandmom.


Meanwhile, Silas wore himself out, jumping on the trampoline all day long! Uncle P taught him some new tricks.


Miss Lila. I have the cutest nephews and nieces in the world.


See what I mean?

Probably our top highlight was a trip with Grandaddy and Grandmom to the Frontier Culture Museum (just a short drive from Hburg). We really enjoyed walking through all the Old World houses (from Africa, England, Ireland, Germany, etc) and then seeing how the early settlers in America lived. And on a gloriously, amazing spring day. So beautiful! Loved how touchable and interactive the whole thing was. So much fun and so much learning going on.


An actual English house from the 1600’s. They shipped it from England in pieces and then reassembled. Amazing! The kids got to help make soup over the fire.


The girls said this blacksmith’s shop made them think of Hansel and Gretel’s house.


Irish house.


It seemed like there was a cat in every bed!


We were especially interested in the German house since that’s where our ancestors come from. The German guide told us all about our Anabaptist forefathers.


German house.

DSC_0357 DSC_0370 DSC_0373

Little House on the prairie. We thought about how hard life must have been when the settlers were used to live in the German/English/Irish houses and now lived in these little log cabins and did everything from scratch.


The girls found some cornhusk dolls and were making up stories, like they do. A woman was making dutch oven bread over that fire.


Dad and Mom, thank you for that special and educational day!


One thought on “Spring Break in VA

  1. caelbe says:

    Love all the grandkids in the wagon! 🙂 A pile of cuties indeed. I heart the Frontier Museum!!

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