Little Things: March

Well, as you can see, blogging has been low on my to do list lately. Straight from Claire’s birthday to Eliza’s! So, anyway, here’s a tiny bit of catch up from March. I forget most of what we did, but here are a few pics we took anyway! For the most part, it was a chilly month with a lot of our normal work and school routine…


Puzzles were a favorite cold weather activity for Tom and Eliza. Here she finished her Christmas puzzle from the Clymers.


Our neighborhood claim to fame- somehow our Christmas tree survived until March- our timing with the trash guys was always off. 🙂


Claire had a birthday party marathon the day after her own birthday. She was at a b’day part for her friend Izzy at COSI from 11:00-5:00 and then went straight to Maddie’s party from 5-9:00. She had a GREAT time at both. Maddie’s was a mystery dinner with Italian food and a dead body laid out. The guests all played characters and tried to guess who the murderer was. Claire was “Clair Voyant.” 🙂


Tom got the kids a free doll house that they’ve been fixing up with wallpaper and flooring and they made some wood peg dolls to go with it. I guess we’ll pass it on when it’s time to go!


Silas enjoyed some more playdates with his buddy Eli. Their new thing is playing soccer. Eli claimed he won this match 22-3 or something like that.


The girls planted a little garden of grass and weeds and they nurture it lovingly. Claire has a green thumb- her bedroom plants are flourishing and she nursed a little dead looking sapling all the way through winter and it suddenly got buds on it! (huge victory for her after we all said it was dead). She must have inherited that from her grandparents- definitely not from us.


The weather started to warm up! It was so nice to get out of the house and down to our little park. Eliza LOVES playing catch these days.


Who will catch the frisbee?


Dad reminded me that my favorite book when I was a little girl (I asked for it over and over) was The Gunniwolf. I checked it out from the library and the kids loved it as much as I did (I had only a very faint memory of it). We read it over and over and they even turned it into a little skit!

Other March happenings:

*I got to go to VA for a week! My family was sweet to let me go spend some time with my parents/siblings and I really loved it.

*We saw the “Cheaper by the Dozen” at RBC

*We got to go to Rachel’s birthday party as a family and had a great time- hot dogs, minute to win it games and an egg hunt.

*Dani and Jacob came for supper and we finally got to hang out and get to know him a little.

*Us girls went to Brittany’s baby shower. We are so happy for Brian and Brittany and their new baby Malachi!

*Tom spoke about Thailand at London Correctional- and we have a new group of supporters and pray-ers there. Very encouraging.


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