Double Digits!

Eliza turned ten on a very beautiful and springy Sunday a few weeks ago. We are so proud of this girl; she is growing up right before our eyes right now! From a little kid to a young lady- it’s amazing! Here are some of the ways we celebrated her big day (interview with E at the end).


A beautiful morning drive into church. After a streak of cold, she got a beautiful day for a 10th birthday! (She woke up bright at early for the traditional breakfast date with Dad at DK diner- a cheese omlette and donut).


Claire had worship practice so we were at church early enough to have time for hair curling. Eliza loves having long hair now that’s finally all grown out.


After church we headed to North Market for her lunch request- Hot Chicken Takeover, which is a big family favorite of ours. They just moved to this location, so it was fun to try it out for the first time.


Still so delicious! And fun to eat at long tables with lots of other people. We told Eliza we invited them all to her birthday party.


This was the kids’ first time mini-golfing. So much fun! We ranked in age order with a few surprise holes in one from Claire and Si. 🙂



Trash talk before the go kart races. They ended up not even being in the same group because Silas had a dud car the first time.


He was pretty convinced that he was tearing up the track and coming in second. We learned that Claire has a lot to learn about driving before she turns 16! She could not stop laughing afterward.


Back home it was present time!!


Some of the things she got: scrapbooking supplies (washi tape, shape punches), a frisbee, butterfly dress, sticker book, sticky mosaics, snacks, hairbands, girl’s devotional book, treasure box.


We had our “normal Sunday night” of eating popcorn and egg sandwiches and watching AFV and then had her chocolate cherry cake for a bedtime snack…


Happy birthday dear Eliza!!!!

Birthday Interview (age 10)

1) What’s your favorite color? coral
2) What’s your favorite book that you’ve read recently?  From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.
3) A wish?  That I will have a good year of being 10!
4) What are your favorite hobbies right now?  Reading, playing Irish whistle, crafts, baseball
6) What’s your favorite chore? Mopping
7) Your least favorite chore? Taking out the bathroom trash
8) What is a place you’d like to visit? Paris, with mom!
9) What are things that you need to practice more?  Thai langauge, my relationship with God, 
10) What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher/missionary
11) What is something new that you’d like to learn this year? More Thai
12) What do you like about home?  I love my bedroom
13) How have you changed this year?  My hair grew out, I learned how to do long division, and I started a scrapbook.
14)What is your favorite food?  Laap and sticky rice (ground pork salad)
15) How does it feel to be 10? It feels old to be 10!


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