“She’s Getting so TALL!”

That’s what we hear nonstop these days about our girl Claire! She’s stretching right up and seeming very grown, suddenly. We are feeling so proud of her- she’s a hard worker in school and still a great reader and a kind sister and friend. And she’s TWELVE! Here’s a little bit about how we celebrated her this February 27 and then she’ll answer some questions so you can see what her life is like these days…


DSC_0405 DSC_0423 DSC_0414

For a party theme, we picked her favorite color- mint and used variations of that color to make her day festive!

2015-02-27 07.05.27

Before school, she had the traditional breakfast out with Daddy at the traditional spot- Nancy’s. She had an omlette and then got surprised with a big birthday waffle too and they made a big fuss over her with the “birthday diva” hat and a birthday song. 🙂

She had standardized testing at school on her birthday which was a bummer but her friends Maddie, Kate, Sadie, Macy,Shelby, and Meila decorated her locker pictures of rabbits, confetti, ribbon and homemade cards… plus the whole class sang to her and made her school day really special anyway.

After school, the plan was to surprise her with a trip to go snow tubing. BUT, it was a freezing cold day (16 degree high) in a series of freezing cold days, so we decided to postpone that adventure for a few days and do something a little warmer on the actual day. We headed to the cheap theater for an afternoon matinee of Night at the Museum 3. With movie candy and a fun stop at the pet store (she’s still a big animal lover), it was a great afternoon. Then…


Some delicious Late Night Slice- some of our favorite pizza in Columbus.


Nom nom nom.


It’s getting tricky to do the age on the hands. She’s resorted to roman numerals.




Giving and getting a homemade card are equally happy-making.


Silas always likes to oversee the present time. Claire got a scarf, a girls devotional, scrapbooking materials (new passion, thanks to Granddaddy), notecards/stationery (she still has pen pals), Secret Garden grown up coloring book, (watch and money from kind grandparents). clothes designing kit, stuffed owl, stamps and ink (Eliza), LIFE game for kindle (Silas).


And some mint colored and flavored cake. We hope you get your wishes!

On Monday, we got to finish celebrating, snow tubing at Snow Trails! As I said on facebook-  Silas was a daredevil as expected, and our favorite way down was all of us hooked together- fast and lots of air! Thank goodness for the conveyor belt up the hill and the fire at the bottom! It was a really special night as a family. We kept talking about how surreal all this cold and snow would seem in a few months when we are back in our hot and humid city! The moon was big and beautiful and it was so fun to look up at it while sailing down the hill. We all LOVED it.







Birthday Interview (age 12)

1) What’s your favorite color? mint/turquoise
2) What’s your favorite book that you’ve read recently? Wildwood
3) A wish?  That I’ll like our house in Thailand.
4) What are your favorite hobbies right now? Scrapbooking, making peg dolls and decorating the dollhouse, reading.Reading,
6) What’s your favorite chore? Setting the table
7) Your least favorite chore? Taking out the bathroom trash (same as last year!)
8) What is a place you’d like to visit? The Amazon Rainforest
9) What are things that you need to practice more? Being patient. Cooking.
10) What do you want to be when you grow up? Missionary,
11) What is something new that you’d like to learn this year? I want to learn how to mend.
12) What do you like about home?  It’s cozy and it has our family in it and I like windows in my room.
13) How have you changed this year? I’ve learned to deal better with different kinds of people who are maybe not like me and don’t have the same interests. I’ve learned how to get along with them and be their friend. And how to roller blade better. And how to scrapbook.  How to be a middle school (dealing with many types of people, put more effort into homework and be more self motivated).
14)What is your favorite food? Honey baked chicken, spaghetti and mushrooms, gallo pinto, basil chicken, Grandaddy and Grandmom’s grape juice with ginger ale.
15) How does it feel to be 12? I feel like you and dad trust me with more things. I feel a lot different from last year.

We love you so much, Claire and really respect your growth, your relationship with God, and the ways you keep challenging yourself and learning!


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