Valentines day is long gone but hey, it might be fun to remember later..

DSC_0392 DSC_0394 DSC_0397.

We had so much fun making cards and the kids loved their little school parties.

Saturday was actual Valentines, and we had to clean house, like usual, so I tried to make it a little fun by having a “heart search.” I put hearts all over the house and they had to find them and write the location down. Gummi bears for the winner. It was a hit, and made even cleaning a little fun.



We had a leftover Thanksgiving turkey, so we decided to have a “Thanksvalentines Day” and made a big thanksgiving feast. It all made sense, because we were being thankful for each other on v-day, right!? We had a posterboard up on the wall to write all the things we love about each other. Silas wrote on Claire’s: preshus. Aw!

2015-02-15 17.59.50On Sunday, thanks to Tom’s parent’s, we got to go on a little date- it was a FREEZING night but we had a great time, eating at Melt (Tom gave me those cute earrings) and…..

2015-02-15 20.09.31

Went to see the Howlin’ Brothers. The crowd was tiny because of the weather, but we loved it. Meanwhile the kids had a great time staying at the RIC with grandpa and grandma.


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