Little Things: February

Many snowy drives out to Rosedale! It feels like the snows every time it’s my turn to commute to the office! Pretty but so  20150126_095941

So proud of our girl- wearing her honor roll bracelet.20150130_145947

We had fun watching this hyacinth bloom and grow and it gave us hope that spring would finally come!20150203_090405

A winter walk on a somewhat springy day after some rain…

20150207_163021 20150207_163029 20150207_163952 20150207_164953 20150207_165022 20150207_165621 20150207_172312 20150207_172657 20150207_173836

We had a nice visit from Tom’s parents during the CMC pastor’s conference.  Aside from the kid’s fun night at the RIC, we got donuts from Aldino’s, had some meals together (out for Greek one night) and just enjoyed some time together. Tom and I also took turn going to pastor’s conference meetings all week so it was a busy one.

20150216_190029 20150219_181300

After that busy week, we enjoyed a three day weekend of snowdays! It was delightful!! Made snowmen, baked some soft pretzels, had home church with Chad and Deborah and all their kids and kitties.

20150220_174511 20150221_131848 20150221_164604 20150221_165153 20150221_165413 20150221_165504

It’s been a cold month and snowy month in Ohio and the kids have missed lots of school for snow. We are officially ready for spring!


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