Dreams for 2015

As we talk about a brand new year, our thoughts and plans and dreams are making a big u-turn back to Thailand. Just putting a new calendar on the wall seems to bring it a lot closer, even with six months left to go. During the few days we had left before school started, we took down our tree and officially packed our first carry-on for Thailand! ….full of the manger scene, Christmas angels and treasured Christmas books. We started posting pictures of unwanted stuff like books, cookbooks, puzzles, Christmas lights, etc on our neighborhood buy/sell/free page and it was fun to see our neighbors carting things away. We did give one book away without consulting the kids and they were upset about it- we realized that we need to be a little more careful and it started a good conversation about how we will all need to prioritize and choose what we will take to Thailand. This is a hard part of the process for the girls. I can see them tense up and start to worry about what dolls they will need to leave behind. Silas is more philosophical. As long as he can take his animal collection and his cars/planes, he’s good. We are waiting with a lot of anticipation to find out whether we have been accepted into International Community School in Bangkok. It feels like a lot of our plans are riding on this, so it’s a hard one to be patient about. We’re beginning to bring God some of our desires for the community and house- a Thai neighborhood, good outside hosting space, not too big, friendly/open neighbors, good nearby food vendors, close to public transportation, etc. At the same time, trying to hold everything loosely and dream his dreams too. Sometimes, I wish for it to be the end of this year, skipping over the family good-byes, the hassle of moving, the house search, the new team dynamics and just have it be Dec. 2015, settled, at home, in language school, making new friends, adjusting in school, etc,  It’s not going to be an easy year, but we can learn a lot and we’re all very excited to make our home in Bangkok again!


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