Little Things: More Fall

Small, random happenings of fall…


We discovered the perfect consequence for Claire and Silas’s fighting- sleepovers!! 🙂 Yessss. And Eliza the introvert gets a little alone time too- winner! Their faces show how they feel about it. 😉


Doing a little research on sharks. His fascination with wild animals continues.

Crazy sock day at school

I went to a writer’s retreat at Bethel Camp in KY. Loved meeting some great new people and being encouraged in writing. Also loved the peaceful time in the woods. Brought home some KY woods for the kid’s front porch nature box.


The girls were concerned that little kids were going to get into the red pepper flakes we put out for the squirrels (they gobbled our jack o lanterns right out, the boogers), so they made a little warning note.


Brighton Road is best in fall.

DSC_1403 DSC_1409
We spent several fun/hectic nights at home using a whole bunch of hot glue to make  a crayon, fall, and robot. Trick or treating on our street is so much fun! Everyone is out on their porches, so friendly and welcoming! DSC_1426 DSC_1438 DSC_1457 DSC_1459 DSC_1466 DSC_1473 

And another great day in the woods. The kids had a day off school, so we headed to a metro park again. It was much more brown this time, but still so peaceful and beautiful.  I loved this romantic little note we found in the nature center!

 DSC_1480 DSC_1484


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