Little Things: Fall part 3

Can you handle one last fall “little things” post about this fall? It was a full fall, I tell ya!

Right after Anita and David’s visit, we had another visitor for one night….


GRAMPS! We loved it! Ate some more lentils and bread (aren’t we creative about feeding our guests?), played a dice game (if I remember correctly, he won after some pretty stiff competition from Silas), caught up. He was here for a meeting so we didn’t get to keep him for long, but lucky Eliza took a few days off school and rode back to Delaware with him! The rest of us joined her for a long weekend in DE…

shower shower 4

shower 2shower 3
It was so fun to be there for George and Mindy’s (and Tony’s and Chalee’s) baby shower with all the Schrocks. We are so excited to meet this little girl at Christmas time!! (thanks for the pics I stole from Facebook, Melinda!)

And then…it snowed! With leaves still on the trees. Poor frozen pumpkins. But the kids LOVED it.

Shortly after this, I left for Mental Health and Missions conference in Indiana with Colleen (with a fun stop for lunch with her mom and brother and on the way home for a high school play that her niece was in). I had no camera so no pics, but the area is so beautiful- woodsy and on a lake. It was too cold to be outside much but there were lovely fires in the lodge. The workshops and sessions were mostly interesting/helpful. Of specific interest to me was on study on the effect of childhood mobility on attachment styles later in life. It’s a big issue for TCK’s- being able to attach in healthy ways after so much moving. Good to know there are factors that lessen the impact. Appreciate your prayers for my kiddos and my nieces and nephews! Speaking of which…


Potential passport photo. We applied to school in Thailand!! ICS now has our application so we appreciate your prayers that we would be accepted and given a large discount. We prayed about it with the kids, asking God to give us his answer about whether the school is right for us. And if not, we’re looking for a teacher, so keep us in mind!

Other stuff: Eliza has a field trip to “Biztown” (the kids get to play adults for the day)- she was the newspaper editor, Silas had a great field trip to the zoo. Every weekend was full: 1- prayer conference, 2- David and Anita visit, 3- Delaware, 4- Mental health and missions, 5- Tom to Nicaragua! November has never gone by so fast! So many good things. Almost looking forward to being snowed in in January though. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ve been helping with Children’s church this fall. We’ve been making two crafts each Sunday, getting ready for our advent program and tree decorating. I really enjoyed getting to know the kids at church a little better…

DSC_1543 DSC_1544 DSC_1555 DSC_1557 DSC_1560


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