After school walk in the woods

One of my favorite memories of this entire fall was a very simple family activity. As soon as school was out for the day, we drove to one of our fantastic metro parks and walked in the fall woods. Fall is MAGIC to us since we’ve had to little of it recently. We’re all in love with the beauty, the smells, and the feel of fall. And it is so fleeting! We always realize we need to grab these random moments to enjoy fall before it’s over and done. It wasn’t a perfect afternoon (Silas had a meltdown over being itchy for example), but it was a sweet and memorable time. Oh, and we topped it off with gyros at a tiny Greek place, so that was pretty great too. Can’t always let homework run your life- haha!DSC_1326 DSC_1333 DSC_1335 DSC_1337 DSC_1348 DSC_1351 DSC_1354 DSC_1358 DSC_1365 DSC_1369 DSC_1382 DSC_1384


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