Little Things: Fall

My fingers are freezing as I type this! We are being stubborn and trying to hold off on turning on the heat but it’s raining today and I’m getting tempted! Fall seems to be coming all of a sudden. Here are some just little things around the house lately…DSC_1179
Ever since his birthday, Silas has been flying his new planes, Dusty and Ripslinger and making up stories about them.

Tom surprised me on a Saturday by getting up and making dutch babies (my favorite special breakfast) with peaches.


We started wearing robes and drinking hot chocolate.

Our Thai friend (and Tom’s language partner), Sam came for one last dinner before he moves back to Bangkok. Hopefully we’ll see him there! He brought along two other Thai doctors for us to meet, Om and Off. We hope to stay in touch with them. Caleb also came for a sticky rice dinner and showed us pictures of his trip to Yellowstone.

Our backyard has started to look like fall.

Sorry for the bad picture- it’s a dark corner of the house. We finally got our act together and implemented a chore chart. So far it’s working really well. There is just something about everything being “fair” that cuts down on squabbles.

Tom brought home a creepy mask from the thrift store- what is it with him loving to freak us out?

Tom and I had a wonderful day date at Highbanks Metro park. We loved walking in the quiet woods, discovering chipmunks and mushrooms and a big group of adorable Chinese toddlers and their mommies. We had a picnic under a big tree and read and talked. Really nice. Oh! And we started the day with amazing pumpkin donuts and coffee at DK Diner. Can’t wait to get them again!

I wish I had pictures but other stuff….
*Tom’s been so happy about his Orioles! Last night during dinner, he was listening to us with one ear and to the Orioles game with the other. 🙂
*I’ve started helping teach Children’s Church leading up to the kids Christmas program- we’re learning songs and making lots and lots of crafts.
*Claire has been working really hard in school. It’s gotten so much more intense this year- lots of homework, big weekly math projects, ets. She’s feeling the pressure.
*Started making plans for our Halloween costumes. Fun!
*Yesterday, Colleen joined us at church and for lunch and then we went to the Wexner Center for the Arts at OSU to see an exhibit with a lot of Picasso’s. It’s so fun to have her living in Columbus and seeing each other a lot more often.
*We’ve been watching Laurel and Hardy and Tom and Jerry.
*Eliza got to go on a field trip to an old-timey village (with a print shop, cooper’s shop, broom maker, etc), went on a canal boat ride (pulled by horses!), visited an “amish home” (but not a real one), took a buggy ride, and ate at the Castleman. She loved it!


2 thoughts on “Little Things: Fall

  1. Brittany says:

    I must try those pumpkin donuts! They sound awesome. Also, Tom’s mask is horrifying….

    • justcandice says:

      You really need to- they are soooo good! And yeah, the mask is horrifying and I’m afraid we’re going to see it again around Halloween.

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