Eliza on Kids Calibrate

This past weekend we had a kids training at the RIC. We spent the weekend there and Jeanette Hunt from EMM was our teacher. She was a third culture kid in India. Lydia Yoder taught us games and crafts and she was a third culture kid in Uzbekistan. The Esh girls- Lydia, Bryn, and Ellie were in the classes with us. It was a good time of getting ready to go to Thailand.

We built bridges out of legos to represent how transition can be like a bridge. Before you get on the bridge you’re settled in your first country, then you set out on the bridge and start leaving for the new culture. Then in the middle of the bridge, there is a lot of chaos (that’s when you’re moving). When you near the end of the bridge you start to settle again in the new country. On the other side, you are settled. I used a surfboard for the top of my bridge. I put a shark in the middle for chaos. I put a banana on one side to represent Thailand and white snow on the other to represent America.

We built rafts to talk about good-byes and leaving. R- reconciliation, A-affirmation, F-farewells, T- think destination. We plan to sail our boats as a family before we leave Columbus.

We made paintings with our feet and when they were dry, we found figures and shapes in the painting and outlined them in sharpie. We did this to practice being good observers in the chaos- looking for familiar shapes. I saw shapes like flowers, butterfly, fish, cup, feather, face, house, etc.

We made green playdoh by mixing yellow and blue together. The yellow represented Thailand, the blue represented America and green was the third culture that we live in. Kids usually adapt easily.

We also looked at a toolbox of tools for living in a new culture (transitions and good-byes). These were the tools:

rocket- having a sense of adventure

bottle of water- tears/crying/sadness over leaving

binoculars- observing new things

camera- remembering your other culture

notebook- recording your feelings

lips (from Mr. Potato Head :))- talking about your feelings

stuffed lamb- sacred objects

Bible- keeping traditions and rituals/prayer, keep your relationship with God

rubber bands- flexibility

We also did some stuff just for fun like making tie die cloth with sharpies and alcohol, playing spud and a game from Greece, drawing the changes that we expect.  – Eliza

calibrate 2 calibrate 3 calibratecalibrate 4 calibrate 5


One thought on “Eliza on Kids Calibrate

  1. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for sharing Eliza! Sounds like you had a lot of good things to think about and journal about and fun times with the Esh girls. It is great that you and Claire will be able to help the other girls through some of the chaos since you’ve already experienced it and know what it feels like to feel at home in Thailand!

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