Home Again


It’s SOSOGOOD to have Tom home again.   We were all giddy and on pins and needles all day- so anxious to get the call to go pick him up at the airport. Silas was beside himself- he wrote the cutest story in school- basically seven pages saying over and over that his dad was coming home from Thailand today and he was so excited! (he drew the airplane on the sign and illustrated his story the same way).

Of course the first thing once we got home, had to be presents. 🙂 T-shirts and Thai snacks were a big deal as well as lovely gifts from our friends in Bangladesh (a beautiful red tablecloth was my favorite).


Tom demonstrates how the rickshaw drivers use this cloth to wipe their sweat while pedaling.


Pret-ty cool in his Bangladesh shirt.

We loved looking at his pictures of Bangkok and had fun dreaming and talking about where we might live when we go back. It was also fun to learn a lot about Bangladesh and hear stories.

First dinner home. Look how jetlagged he is! 🙂

The next few days, we just soaked up having him around. He slowly got over jetlag and was finally back at church. We had a nice low key weekend- not going out much except Silas went to a playdate with his buddy Eli.
On Monday, Tom and I took off work to catch up and had a nice long day date in German Village (Starbucks, Thurminator burger at Thurman Cafe, walk in Schiller Park)…

T and C T and C 2

Since then, we’ve just been enjoying NORMAL life. Aaaah.

Reading before school.


Made Ecuadorian food together- minestra (lentils and veggies) and patacones (fried plantains). Wondered why it took us 17 years to make this. 🙂

Silas became re-obsessed with his remote control car that he bought at the children’s auction at the relief sale last year. 🙂

Last night, we got to catch up with Babak and Tom made some really good Indian food.

Normal family life is a beautiful thing!


4 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Eve says:

    Awesome! So happy for you, and for normal life!

  2. ruthie.voth says:

    What great pictures! I especially love the joy on Silas’ face.
    What kind of knife is that? It’s beautiful – is it sharp? I’ve never seen anything like that.

    • justcandice says:

      Hi Ruthie! Thanks! The knife if Kuhn Rikon (Switzerland) and yeah, it’s pretty sharp for an inexpensive knife. The design is just printed right on the blade which I think is kind of fun.

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