Brand New School Year!

As I said earlier, the kids were all really eager to head back to school. Claire was so excited about middle school that I was nervous for her- would it really live up to the hype?? She went in for orientation and got even more excited and ready to go. The morning of, she took off in the pre-dawn semi-darkness with Tom to go to the bus stop about half a mile away, nervous and excited for lots of firsts: changing classes, using a combination lock, dressing out for gym, new teachers, new cafeteria, riding the bus, etc. She had a GREAT first day. The teachers really talked the kids through all the new things- gave them plenty of time to get familiar with using their lockers, walked them to their next classes, etc. It seems like a very nurturing environment for the sixth graders. So far, we’re feeling really good about Dominion (except for that faraway bus stop on dark mornings- more on that later). Seeing her head off to middle school felt like a whole new step in letting go- harder for me than for her, I’m pretty sure! It’s amazing how much more independent she seems now.

Nearly TWO HOURS later…..Eliza and Silas were raring to go. It was so nice to have Tom home and be able to walk them together on the first day of school. They both immediately loved their teachers (I think Eliza said, “I love Mrs. Gretchman” at least four times when she got home). She is so happy to be in the same class as her best friend Muji and still plays with Naama every day at recess.  Poor Silas- a lot of his friends got moved around to other classes and he only knows two boys in his class. He says there are only five boys in his class and “millions” of girls. Fortunately, he still gets to see his old buddies at recess. He says he’s very quiet at school- if you can imagine.

I’m enjoying doing drop offs and pick ups again. I’m always impressed by how many dads are doing morning drops- at least half, if not more some days. It’s very noticeable in our area how involved dads are with their kids- really great.  It’s fun to see my “mom friends” again most days- Hian and Cherry and Deborah especially. Thanking God every day for what a good school and what good teachers our kids have. I don’t want to ever take it for granted. HUGE blessing.

DSC_0806 DSC_0807 DSC_0814 DSC_0816 DSC_0820 DSC_0821 DSC_0822 DSC_0824


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