Wonderful week in VA

After the Mast camping trip, I was lucky enough to get to go back to VA for a week with Silas. The girls had already had grandparent week in VA and Tom needed to get back so work, so it was just the two of us. One of the hard parts about being back in the States (I hesitate to say “hard” because we are so blessed and I’m very thankful to be here!), is that we are now closer to our families and see them more but it’s still not often. In many ways I feel more connected, but still distant also. I guess it’s just something that will always be, but it’s one that’s hard for me to accept sometimes. So this week was valuable time for me to be able to connect with family and for Silas to have grandparent time.


Dad’s new tractor “toy” had to be Silas’s favorite part.


I really enjoyed the little things like cooking with mom. I was in heaven over the garden produce and my favorite thing was her fried onions/zucchini/squash- I had third helpings every time.


Another fun part for me was spending time with my Uncle Serge and Aunt Dora. They were spending the week at mom and dad’s too so we got to see them lots (first time in years). They are from Oregon. Best memories from going to their house as a kid: Aunt Dora teaching me how to put on perfume, eating velveeta cheese, Uncle Serge painting signs, hunting for Easter eggs, the waterbed and reading all their books.


We kept the Jess’s tradition alive.


I loved hanging out with Rhodes’s one afternoon/supper. I learned that Annaliese never, ever gets tired of hearing Clifford books.


Hanging out with Soren while his mommy was in labor! So excited to hear the news!


And then she came to visit us!! We felt so honored and lucky to get to meet Leem on her very first morning in the world and to witness her very first time meeting Soren and first bath from Grandmom. Philip and Betsy, you have a blessed and beautiful family.


Many fun little meals together and corn from the garden!! As a kid, I never would have predicted my enthusiasm for the garden food. It was just so plentiful then and so much work to get to the table! 🙂 Silas got his requested mashed potatoes at this meal. Its’ the only food he ever requests (besides ice cream/gum/candy).


A drive one night after dinner. I love drives in the Silver Lake, Rushville, Mole Hill area- beautiful and great memories.


Silver Lake moon. Silas also got an ice cream sandwich from Hinton Market, just like the old days.


Of course we played games. We’re Rhodeses aren’t we?


Friday morning brunch with the ladies (and small men). Ada is growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. She was like a completely different person from Christmas!


While the ladies shopped, the men jumped on the trampoline.


I’m pretty sure this faces means “naptime.”


Some morning Dutch Blitz.

DSC_0385 DSC_0387

Mom and Dad, thanks for the really lovely week and for letting us come even while you had other houseguests. We had a wonderful time!


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