Regular summer evenings


Summer! Sunflowers from the Saturday farmer’s market.

When I mentioned to the kids that I needed to catch up on blogging about the summer, Eliza said, “Don’t forget to write about the regular evenings” I’m pretty sure I know what she means by that- the stuff we don’t have pictures of. The evening bike rides through the wetlands or on the bike path to the library (Claire taking forever to put her roller blades on :)). Lots and lots of grilled suppers eaten in the backyard while being eaten by mosquitoes. A few Clippers games here and there. Walks to the library and getting our card limit of books (Silas always wants a few more “nonfiction ones about animals”, Tom and I have a stack of reserves waiting and Claire and Eliza hunt, hunt, hunt for things they haven’t read). The kids all learned to catch with a glove this summer, so sometimes we’d go to the park to do that. One evening, right before a storm, we took Silas’s falcon kite (from Aunt Rebekah) to the park to try it out in a field. Little stuff. The parts that made the non-traveling parts of our summer really, really great.


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