Little Things: Summer


Meet Mr. Marty “Mast”cot- our new family mascot. We take turns hiding him- whoever finds him, hides him again. On this particular morning, he was in the lucky charms. He’s been MIA for a few weeks now so who knows what he’s up to. Marty used to have more features before he went through the wash in Claire’s pocket.


Tom had a evangelism seminar the same weekend as the church retreat, so me and the kids went for it. Us girls were pretty proud of setting up the tent by ourselves (it’s easy- we were being really generous to ourselves).


The kids spent the whole time going back and forth from playing in the creek to jumping in the trampoline. They also loved the water balloon toss and eating relay.



Silas and I had a lot of fun using online tutorials to draw all his favorite animals. That’s a rhino.



We borrowed our duplex neighbors’ firepit for an end of summer hot dog roast.


We really enjoyed hosting Babak (from Iran) through IFI for a few days while he looked for an apartment in this area. He’s a lawyer, getting his masters at OSU – very friendly, talkative, smart guy (he speaks five languages!). It was fun to hear about his culture and live life together for a few days. We got into a tea routine pretty quickly!


As the beginning of school approached the kids got really excited about going back. Claire and Eliza started spending hours in the backyard playing school (and taking silly pictures of each other).



Scripture collages- working on memorizing.


Carmen- I wanted you to see the new home of the rug you gave us. I LOVE it!

Oh, and Tom learned to make naan on the grill (plus my favorite Indian food ever- spinach saag!), and it quickly became one of our favorite breads- yum!!

Another favorite summer activity was COSI (science museum) followed by Rhythm on the River (free concert at a nearby riverfront park). Usually don’t take my camera but did this one time…

Claire getting a mild electrical shock- I don’t have the nerve to touch that thing!

Proud of both girls for riding the high wire unicycle!

This thing is ridiculously hard to balance!

It wasn’t a very warm day- Eliza was the only one to brave the fountains that night.



Two really good bluegrass groups played that night- The Boxcars/Balsam Rain. Oh and we saw Mrs. Coneglio. I have never seen Silas that shy and embarrassed!


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