Choral Camp/County Fair/Del and Gail

I’ve got another long recap post for the week I came back from VA. Silas and I rode out to OH with Mom and Dad Mast who were heading for their big Alaska trip and Allison who was headed to choral camp with our girls. We had a few days together, then I took the girls to choral camp on Monday morning. Allison and Eliza were a bit nervous about their first time but they both did great and LOVED the choral camp experience.

Three roomies and first time choral campers…Ellie (going to Thailand next year!), E, and cousin Allison

And the big girls, also roommates! C, Bryn, Lydia (both going to Thailand), and Emma (friend from church).DSC_0401

Deborah taught her culture classes about Thailand this year so we got to help out a bit with research and objects from Thailand- this is just part of the display- she did a wonderful job!! Claire was also happy to help out by recording a video of her singing the king’s song.

Oh, and we got to see this cutie pie- Lila, who’s Dad Jared was teaching at choral camp. Rebekah also helped us out by babysitting Silas one day while we had a Thailand team meeting at the RIC (and gave Si his beloved falcon kite which hangs over his bed).

While the girls were away, we had a great several days of team meetings like I said. It felt soooo good to get together with this group, get to know each other (we talked about personalities, decision making styles, giftings), play spikeball and loaded questions, pray for each other, make plans and just generally get excited about all being a team together in Thailand!

After our two days of meetings, we thought Silas had been abandoned by us all for long enough, so we took him to the Franklin Co. Fair. So much fun!! The animals were great, we did the ferris wheel, had a funnel cake and visited the historic village.








At the end of choral camp week, Del and Gail and family came out to spend a few days with us and to pick up Allison. So good to have them here again! Had a great time going to the choral camp program,celebrating Josie’s first birthday, picnicking at the Park of Roses, hanging out playing games,swimming at the hotel pool, shopping, and going to the jazz and ribs festival.


It’s so impressive what they teach those kids in less than a week! Wow! There’s Claire with her voice class, second from the right, first row.



And that’s Eliza, second row, right in front of Jared’s head.


So happy to be with this girls again. Missed them so much!



Happpy first birthday, Josie cutie!!







Finding the fairy door in the Park of Roses was so exciting!


No pictures of the jazz/ribs festival- it was crowded, the ribs were delicious, the music fun, the kids hyper and running all over, the porta potties a mess, the after-dark city and cotton candy magical and the good-byes sad. LOVE that you guys came to Columbus again, in spite of that long, annoying drive out!!


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